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    TrialKey lets developers license applications and components
    to end users quickly and easily.
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    Web, desktop, mobile

    A Complete Solution for Software Licensing

    TrialKey provides a licensing system that helps secure and manage your web, desktop, and mobile software applications. TrialKey supports authentication, node-locking (hardware based), trial, perpetual, online, offline, time-limited, subscription, feature based and custom licensing using our API.
    • Web, Desktop, Mobile
    • REST API
    • Trial Users
    • Dashboard
    • Real Time Monitoring
    • Time Limited Trials
    • Node-locking
    • Perpetual license

    Zero Dependency API

    TrialKey’s simple and straight forward API will have you up and running in minutes. TrialKey supports most platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Using our API you can license any application that has the capability to make an HTTP request and process the result.


    Manage products, users and view analytics


    REST Based API

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    Usage Metrics

    View when, where, how, and from where users are using your products.


    Develop In Any Language

    DEVELOPING with C++, VBA, .NET/C#, React Native, Android, or something less common? We’ve got you covered! If the language you develop in can make an HTTP web request and receive a response, it can use TrialKey.

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    How We Work

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