CodeFlow is an application that allows you to create your applications workflow visually and then attach code modules and functions to each visual element.  You program your application scripts in C#, compile, debug and deploy, all from CodeFlow, right on your server.

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CodeFlow features include:

  • Visually create your applications workflow and attach code modules and functions to your visual workflow elements
  • Integrated scheduled execution; allows running your scripts from CodeFlow as an application or as a service
  • Integrated versioning and deployment; allows you edit and publish scripts to a shared repository that your other CodeFlow instances can automatically get the latest version of.  For example, if you run 20 instances of a script each from a different server, you can modify one script, publish, and all instances will automatically update to the latest version from the repository.
  • Use your own programming language and tools and just use CodeFlow to document workflow and deploy, or use CodeFlow’s built in .NET capabilities to modify build, debug and deploy – all right from the server!


Disk Space Required: under 20 MB

One software license is required per CodeFlow instance.


Windows 10 or later (includes Windows Server editions)

Architecture of Product
64 Bit

Tool Type